Tale Weaver’s Workshop inside scoop – T.A.L.E.S. teller Gordon Churchill

Calgary Radio Rover Karen Gummo talks to Gordon Churchill about his story “Fixin’ Things” on the eve of the 2017 World Storytelling Day Calgary event.  Hear the World Storytelling Day Calgary Edition this Saturday 5pm EST, Sunday 7pm EST on Storytellers of Canada Radio

Aired October 8, 9

Why is it folks want to hear a pack of lies? And is there really an award for best chicken sound? Listen to part one of the official 2016 conference radio quilt! (no, we are not calling them podcasts!)

“Live On Air” Workshop at SC-CC Vancouver!

How to take a handful of storytellers and turn them into radio stars in one hour!! Here is a string of StoryIslandFM ‘news’ broadcasts performed live at the 2016 Storytellers of Canada conference “Live On Air” workshop facilitated by SCradioCC project Manager David Merleau.

Many thanks to all of the workshop participants: Barry Gray, Geneviève Falaise, Lesley Parlane, Linda Windham, Susan Boyce, Layton Jack, Susan Wheat, Laurie Malabar, Heather Whaley, Selina Eisenberg, Jennifer Martin, Alvin Sanders, Jack Howard and Peter Jarvis. Special thanks to the Queen Bumblebee Danica Lorer, and to the Sound Team leader Norm Walker.

Live June 25

Up On A Time: the Going Buggy Edition!

Jerry Haigh warns us about short pants, Kate Steven’s with the origin of the Mosquito, and Radio Rover Heather Whaley finds herself in one web of a story. Oh, and we have a special in studio musician! Hannah Shira​ Naiman from Merriweather Records sings about the endearing journey of a bee and and an ant…